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Demons Bane

  • Platform: RMXP
  • Rating: 13+ (T for Teen)
  • Style: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Deity Mythology, Action RPG
  • Language: English
  • Player: 1
  • Battle Style: Seamless, fast-paced battles
  • Production Started: 2009
  • Progress: In Slow Phase Development

This is a remake of an older game I had made when RM2K was the big and only thing. It started as a written (nearly finished) story, had partly been drawn as a comic (like 7 pages ^.^) and then got turned into a game. It was the only game I had almost fully finished, than was lost in a HD crash… or so I thought. Recently however after moving I found a bunch of old CD’s and found a copy of the old game on one, but no project file (not like I still had 2k at the time anyway) it was a mid way copy, and due to some corrupt/missing files would quit in places, but it resparked the project.

I realize back then my story telling and game design stunk (well I thought it did anyway ;p) so my goal is to redo this older game in XP, redo the story and do better game planning. This now has a dialog and event script with scenes and gameplay being written out before hand and a story revision to clean up a lot of the ‘random/cool ideas’ that I had back then. I’ll also try and go more in depth with the story and this time around try and explain things that I didn’t before cause back then I figured “well if I know this then everyone else will magically know as well!” ^^;

Danavur, a large kingdom ruled by King Bolveir Morin, a man known to have an iron fist when it comes to upholding the law, yet also holds a soft spot for the people under his rule. In this world magic was an uncommon sight. Only those that had an attunement to mana could hope to learn the methods to shape and weald its energies and earn the title of Magi, with the best recognized by the King himself earning a place with in the nation’s forces. However in recent decades, a new form of magic was discovered, magic that had been used once in decades past then sealed away for ‘unknown reasons’… unknown until now. This magic is that of summoning. A method of opening rifts from our world into a netherworld, and call forth its inhabitance to do the magi’s bidding.

No one knows when the first people began to become ‘possessed’ by these ‘summons’, but the act soon gave these being’s a new name…No longer ‘summons’, they were ‘demons’. As time went on, more and more people were found to have been possessed, or ‘bound’ as it began to be known as. Much worse, it was feared that some people were willingly allowing themselves to become ‘bound’ in order to gain a large portion of the demons strength and power, as well as belief of an eternal life. It was as if an epidemic was spreading across the nation and its forces struggled to keep it under control. It was set in motion by the king that the act of Summoning was to be banned, and any person found to be bound, rather willing or not was to be executed on sight in fear of the demon’s influence or control over their host.

In these hard times, two young brothers had dreams of joining the King’s forces as Magi. Their attunement with mana was strong but even with their teachings the elder brother didn’t feel that they were learning enough, he wanted to become better, stronger. What they were being taught just wasn’t enough for him… he wanted more for himself and his younger brother, and would do whatever it would take for them to achieve their goals.

…but at what price?

Name: Keiran Shandro
Age: Unknown (Looks mid-20’s)
Bio: A bright young man who’s world got turned upside down. When his older brother showed that he wished to join the King’s forces of Elite Magi, Keiran was quick to follow suite. They worked hard to earn the coin needed to pay their way into further training with a master to learn more on mana control and manipulation. However when his brother started to want to go beyond there teachings, Keiran as always was right behind.

Name: Saliren Shandro
Age: Unknown (Looks Mid-Late 20’s)
Bio: A young stern man, and Keiran’s older brother. He wanted nothing more than to become an Elite Magi under the King’s command, and he would do whatever it takes to achieve that goal… When an old Magi, known as the Keeper offered the brothers an opportunity to access a series of books that would unlock their true potential, in exchange for safe guarding the books from others, Saliren was quick to agree…

Name: Aileen Reim
Age: 32
Bio: A quiet, withdrawn woman. Aileen is an unwed, single mother to her only daughter she named Meira. Together they work to maintain a small farm that had been passed down to her. However they have started to fall under hard time, it’s becoming a struggle just to make it by each day.

Name: Meira Reim
Age: 9
Bio: The only child to Alieen, she is very bright and tries her best to help her mother keep up the small farm they live at. At such a young age, she has developed an attunement to Mana, and can see the aura of people she encounters, telling if they are a good person, or have darker intentions… She has taken an instant liking to Keiran, even though he is Bound, she can still see the goodness in his heart.

Name: ‘The Keeper’
Age: Unknown
Bio: A strange old Magi that made mention to have been following the brothers for quite some time, watching them train hard… and knew of the elder boys desire to extend his knowledge. He offered the boy’s access to a series of six books that would unlock their true potential, but only under one circumstance… that they were to become the new keepers to these books, to safe guard them and the power they hold with in their pages.

Name: King Bolveir Morin of Danavur
Age: 63
Bio: Bolveir is known to have an iron fist when it comes to upholding the law, yet also holds a soft spot for the people under his rule. He has become increasingly troubled by word of increased demon activity, and is trying to find means to scoff out the summoners that are bringing forth such creatures from their netherworlds, and eliminate all to be found Bound.

  • My own custom made Player/NPC Sprites (Yes very proud of this ;3)
  • Custom Menu system designed for single player (my first script, yes also very proud of it :3)
  • Blizzards Advanced Action Battle System – Fight enemies right on the map.
  • Enemies have levels! Higher level enemies will grant more EXP then lower level ones.
  • Task book to help the player keep tabs on what’s going on.
  • Empathy system. Tasks can change how people react to you, and what you might find.
  • Summon beasts to fight by your side.
  • Read books to uncover more of the world’s history and learn new abilities.
  • Exploration encouraged! Never know what you might find stashed away!

Scrips By

  • The Law G14, Night Runner, Taiine – Menu Systems
  • Ccoa & ForeverZer0 – Advanced weather System
  • Blizzard – Advanced Action Battle System
  • Cogwheel – HP/SP/EXP Bars
  • Moghunter – Location/Item Window/Save Files
  • Near Fantastica – Some object lighting effects
  • Derula – Hermes Extends RMXP’s Message System
  • Emily Konichi – End Credits Script
  • Zeriab – F12 Pause with image.
  • XeroVolume – Splash screens

Graphics & Sounds By

  • Taiine
  • Lillith
  • BanBan
  • Enterbrain

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